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The good folks of @FocusFusion (Lawrenceville Plasma Physics ) are aggressively pursuing a simple non-conventional to fusion, the process that powers the sun. They get by on 1 or 2 million/year budget in a garage, where as  physicists and engineers have been trying, but with only limited success since World War II.  The good news is: it may actually work. If it works (and that is definitely still a big if), it will make Steve Wozniak and Steve Job’s garage project (the Apple II) look like a footnote in history.  It will revolutionize energy production because it will quickly become the cheapest way to generate electricity. In addition a compact high power energy source that uses negligible amounts of fuel will surely open up many other technological breakthroughs e.g. in space travel. The bad news is, they are so strapped for cash that they run a IndieGogo campaign to get some crucial equipment, (Beryl  electrodes). The campaign has already had the important side effect of making their project and approach much better known (e.g. see this blog) and the extra mind share may, in the long run, be more important than the actual money. In fact being open about what they were doing, and getting extra mindshare through social media (twitter, and face-book and video’s on you tube but also through an online community that actually runs the crowd funding campaign ) has been quite high on their agenda. If you want to know how a few guys in a garage could succeed where others with far more resources have yet to show success read on.



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