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The Business Model: Theoretical Roots, Recent Developments, and Future Research (WP-862, Sept 2010) written by Zott, Amit & Massa/ IESE Business School-University of Navarra





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The paper provides a broad and multifaceted review of the received literature on business
models in which we examine the business model concept through multiple disciplinary and
subject-matter lenses. The review reveals that scholars do not agree on what a business model
is, and that the literature is developing largely in silos, according to the phenomena of interest
to the respective researchers. However, we also found some emerging common ground among
students of business models. Specifically, 1) the business model is emerging as a new unit of
analysis; 2) business models emphasize a system-level, holistic approach towards explaining
how firms do business; 3) organizational activities play an important role in the various
conceptualizations of business models that have been proposed; and 4) business models seek to
explain how value is created and captured. These emerging themes could serve as important
catalysts towards a more unified study of business models.

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